Monday, March 19, 2012

Read Signs to Build Vocabulary

There are many ways to continually add to your knowledge of English.  Noticing and reading signs wherever you go is an easy way to do it.  Not only do you expand your vocabulary, but you also learn something about local culture and values.  These are some photos I took while roaming around Dana Point in Southern California.  Yes, there were a lot of dog-walkers!  

Pictures definitely help a                            Again the simple drawing of
person figure out the meaning of                   the bird (a pigeon) with the hand
a word like "leashed" (leash =                      and red line drawn through the
a verb and a noun).  The dog in                    image signal to the reader, this is
the picture is leashed by a leash.                  a no-no.  DO NOT FEED THEM!
                                                                     I guess "feed" is what the hand is

"Fine" doesn't mean it's a fine day.  This is a verb meaning to charge 
someone to pay for a rule/law that was broken.  You don't want to be fined 
in Orange County, so be sure to "pick up (the poop!) after your dog." 

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