Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Online Vocabulary Quiz #4

To Intermediate Vocabulary Students:
Finally, I succeeded in putting together another online quiz for you to practice before tomorrow!  Yay!
Also, I eliminated extra credit vocabulary as you were tested on this in the previous quiz.  As always, you can do this online quiz as many times as you like.  It is set to change the order of questions every time.  In that way, each time you test yourself, it will feel like a new quiz.  Good luck!  Have fun!  You're welcome. ;-)

If you have any questions or problems with the online quiz, you can post your comments below.


Make your own quiz said...

Lovely Post! I love it.

Many Englishes said...

Thanks for your comment! I hope many will use it. It goes with vocabulary from the textbook Vocabulary Power 2 and some additional vocabulary from Gold Mine's (an old ESL game book) Mime Game.