Monday, January 30, 2012

Online Vocabulary Quiz (#2)

After a wonderful free training session on Friday afternoon at OTAN with Barry Bakin from LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District), I have created my first online practice quiz for my intermediate vocabulary students.  This example is primarily posted here for the benefit of my students, but you are welcome to check it out.  To take the quiz, you need to type in a name (any name will do). When you finish it, it will ask for your e-mail, but you don't need to give it.  Just click the "x" to close the box, and you should get your results.  It will display your correct and incorrect answers (unfortunately, it won't explain why they're incorrect) and display a certificate that you can download or print out as evidence of your success.

As a graduate student and ESL instructor, I am continually growing my skills.  When I have another block of time, I will post more information about how to use the ProProfs site for creating online quizzes. It is pretty straightforward if you have worked with other online testmakers.  I have struggled to create my own quiz with Hot Potatoes software.  ProProfs is so much easier for me.  You should also visit OTAN (the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network) as Mr. Bakin taped the online training session so that you can view it on your own at a convenient time.  The advantage, however, of actually attending a session is that you can ask questions of the trainer as you are trying out the site.