Saturday, June 26, 2010

Words with Multiple Meanings, Part 3 (CAE Use of English Practice, Part 4 (b))

Anyone trying to prepare for the CAE Use of English paper can start to build up his/her vocabulary for the December exam, starting now. One fun way to do that is to pay attention to and start learning words that have multiple meanings. I put up some other examples earlier this month. Students can also sign up at the Flo-Joe site to receive weekly mini-exercises - relevant to the Cambridge exams, many of which are free. If you want to add some other Part 4-type words in the Comments section below, that would be great!

1. My brother was married for ten years, but now he's ______ again.
I haven't had a _____ bite of ice cream since starting my diet.
There's a big difference between the cost of a ______ and a suite.

2. My mind went _____ during the exam, so I'm sure I failed it.
When someone is given a ______ check, it means that they have the right to spend as much money as they want.
If you leave the space _____, the application won't go through.

3. It is often said that '_____ does not make right.'
There's a chance that the USA _____ win the World Cup.
The little girl tried with all her _____ to open the jar, but the lid was on too tight.

4. You should never ask a total stranger to keep an ____ on your bags at the airport.
A photographer has to have a good _____ for composition and detail.
He got a black ____ from a homeless woman who struck him at the bus station.

5. Thomas likes to collect old _____ and coins.
The shape of the birds' _____ is what fascinates some ornithologists.
I paid all three _____ yesterday.

Answer key:

1. single 2. blank 3. might 4. eye 5. bills

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