Monday, December 15, 2008

Another ESL Game Board: Verbs with Gerunds/Infinitives

Below is another favorite game board that I created a few years ago. My fellow instructors have used it successfully as a simple way to get students speaking to each other using these structures.

The verbs included on the board come from lists in Betty Azar's classic Blue grammar book (click on 'Contents' of Third Edition of Blue Azar book). I usually photocopy the reference lists (14-9 and 14-10) and hand them out to students to use as they practice creating their own sentences orally, rolling dice and moving around the board.

The tenses or structures that you ask your students to use with the board can be adapted to several levels from intermediate to advanced in any course where the object is to get students to produce and control these forms in speaking or writing. Try it out, and let me know if it works for you.


Tina said...


Could you upload a copy of the reference pages from this Blue grammar book - or describe and/or give examples of what is in these reference pages.

I'm planning to use this board with my next class.


Evelyn said...

Hi Tina,
I cannot upload the pages from the Blue Azar Grammar Book as this would be a breach of Azar's copyrights. The reference pages contain tables of the most common verbs that take gerunds/infinitives or take a pronoun object + infinite.

You can try Googling Blue Azar Grammar Appendices to see if you can find a link to the appendices.

Thanks for your interest in the game.

ESL English said...

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MO said...

What is the best way to print this board game? In preview mode there is a lot of black surrounding the board.

Evelyn said...

Hi MO,
One way to print the board is to print without the background mode on. You will need to enlarge the page to about 160% so that the board is large enough to fill your 8.5x11 inch sheet. However, I will see if I can link this board game to my wiki - in which case you can print out the board without getting any header/footer writing around the board. Thanks for your interest in this board game.

MO said...

Thanks! Another option-I saved the image and it printed just fine!

Evelyn said...

Hi MO,
Thanks for figuring out another option. I'm glad it all worked out fine. Happy new year! Hope you'll visit Many Englishes again.

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