Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to do your own podcasting

For those of you who have been wondering how to get into podcasting, this is a link to very useful info on the topic from the Splendid Speaking site (affiliated with flo-joe). I haven't yet tried getting into audio production, but it is definitely something I'm earmarking for the future. To get to the information, just click here.


Dogtrax said...

Hi Evelyn

This is Kevin (from Kevin's Meandering Mind) and I wanted to thank you for the comment.
I saw your post here about podcasting.
I have created an online workshop page that I use when working with teachers on podcasting that I am willing to share with you, if you or your readers are interested:

Take care

evelyn said...

Thanks very much, Kevin, for sharing your online workshop page. I urge my readers to check it out as I have. It's filled with information that can get you 'broadcasting' online in 2008 - tomorrow!

谭细月 said...

Thanks a lot mate, great help Regards.

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