Friday, October 19, 2007

Some more commentary on our "Many Englishes"

Just thought I'd give you a quick link to another site which talks about "Many Englishes". This page has some short listening materials on the topic that would make a good warm-up for an advanced listening/speaking class discussing today's international language (click here). Steven Pinker and Stephen Fry make some observations about the many different Englishes used around the world. Is one English "better" or more "standard" than another?


tinkerbellchime said...

Nice resources. I listened to the first clip, Global English, which discusses British English and American English.

By the way, are you near the fires in San Diego? I could smell the some here in Westminster, California.

evelyn said...

Thanks for your comment, Tinkerbellchime. It's sometimes pretty random when I find something, but having the blog now allows me to earmark it for myself and others. Glad you found it useful.

Yes, indeed I was affected by the fires here in San Diego. My husband, son and I got evacuated to Qualcomm and spent a day and night there. I'm happy to say that the fire never reached our community, so we were spared from loss for the second time. We were also evacuated in 2003, when 300 homes burned in our community.

My heart really goes out to all of those people who are without a home now. I hope this is the end of our fire season in San Diego.