Thursday, June 28, 2007

Newspaper class 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi, Evelyn
I'm Grace.
Here I come!
I'm soooooo happy that I can see you here in blog and talk with you, not only by e-mail.
I'll comment on your poster and leave a hello msg sometime when my twins allow me some free time. (Now, They are taking a nap. What a wonderful moment..:-)
On the picture. you look happy and bright as always.
It seems you finally have a newpaper class. Good for you~!
If I were in ICAE. I must join that class.
Evelyn, I'll visit again. Take care~

Eleven said...

Great to hear from you Grace! Yes, I thought of you when I was teaching the newspaper class in spring. Unfortunately, I was only able to teach the class for one session. However, the class pictured here produced a great edition. I'll bring you a copy when we get together.

Dominik said...

Hi Evelyn
right after we met today in school i went home to check on my cambridge exam.
i just wanted to thank you.i got an A.
You're a great teacher and it looks like all the time we'd spent on the pre-test were worth it.Thank you!

Eleven said...

Hooray, Dominik! Thanks for your message and 'Congratulations!' I'm so happy and proud of you, and I really appreciate the compliment too. It's quite an achievement to get an A on the CAE. You earned it, and I hope you'll have many opportunities to use your superior English. :-)

reto the... you know said...

hi 11,

how are you doing? is everything dandy? i'm back in this freaking switzerland and i'm doing my best to come back. i checked out your page and... good job 11. i'll write more tomorrow. take care and see ya soon.

thanks for evelynthing

Eleven said...

Great to hear from you, Reto, and I appreciate any feedback on the blog. Do you remember we used for grammar review? I've got several other links for students listed on my blog. Remember - 'Use it, or lose it'?! :-)

You can continue to use and grow your English!
Thanks for keeping in touch.

Anonymous said...

hello Evelyn,
i send you a message when a got your mail did you get it ?.
It was great to have news from you, as you can immagine, my computer broked and i lost everything...

As i can see you still teaching at ICAE nice job :-)

So in the past year we had 2 Children, 2 girl. the first 2 year and the last 8 month... it's quite hard but ... we will survive :-)

When you're gonna visit us ?
See you.

evelyn said...

Hi Steve and Ale,
I got your e-mail! End of Cambridge was a busy time. I'll reply soon. Would love to see you and your growing family. You gotta send me some pix. It's a daydream right now, but maybe we'll see you next year?!